Divine AV Natural (180 capsules)


This is NOT just some plain old Aloe Vera you find at some Box Store or some Health food store…This Aloe Vera is FAR more than ANY of the over 4000 Aloe Vera products on the market. This Product tests between 2 and 7 times stronger than ANY Aloe product available.

There are over 400 species of Aloe Vera, we specialize in Aloe Vera species and have taken a proprietary formula of Aloe Vera to create the best product possible, created my God and provided by us. This is a NON laxative formula.

Among the ingredients used in anti-aging products, Aloe Vera has significantly contributed to their efficacy due to its provision of essential surplus compounds. Leaves from Aloe Vera plant ooze a gel-like substance that provides natural benefits. The extracted substance contains organic compounds such as Aloe Sterols and Mucopolysaccharides which may be crucial to the health of the skin. These compounds act as antioxidants thereby protecting the skin cells as well as repairing already damaged cells. Unlike moisturizers which protect the skin when applied, these compounds are capable of attaining their effects from inside the body. This property renders Divine AV Natural a suitable product for ingestion.

Moreover, Aloe Vera has the likelihood of nourishing and soothing the digestive system when consumed internally. When created in the form of capsules, it becomes easy to swallow, hence facilitating its usefulness of the plant without the laxative effects of the latex found in the plants.

When the gel from Aloe Vera is extracted, it might not necessarily be used right away. Inappropriate storing might lead to loss of its value where the constituent compounds may degrade. The gel is freeze-dried and stored in the form of powder to curb the degrading possibility. The Freeze-Dried Aloe Vera has a higher rate of dissolving in solutes which ultimately boosts its rate of absorption into the body tissues.

Usually, some skin disorders result from extended exposure to UV radiations. Healthy skin is capable of enduring the harmful rays, and with Aloe Vera providing the necessary care, the skin tends to remain unscathed for an extended period as well. Besides, if the rays happen to damage some of the skin tissues, Aloe Vera might assist in the restoration process; therefore, a reliable anti-aging ingredient.