Healing Modalities

Healing Modalities


Unlike treatment procedures, spiritual healing does not entail any physical diagnosis or medical administration. It instead involves divine intercessions mostly with the assistance of an angelic healer. Usually, an angelic healer acts as a vessel linking between you and the healing power offered by Angels and Arch Angels. Such a healer has a more profound comprehension of what divine power to seek for what infection as per a patient’s condition. Divine healing is based on the fact that our body registers all kinds of illnesses emotionally through our thoughts and feelings

Angels and Arch Angels have various ways of interceding into the healer in a bid to offer healing assistance when beseeched. Even though each of the angels has different mandates ascribed to them, there exists several of them who aid in healing. In this article, we shall explore some of the healing angels and archangels and give an insight into how they help angelic healers succeed in their healing responsibilities.

So, here are the angels and their association with the angelic healers.


Gabriel is the representation of God’s power usually recognized as the announcement and revelation angel. Angel Gabriel has a significant role in delivering information by communicating with humans. He is believed to have delivered the message to Mary about her pregnancy with the Holy Spirit and giving birth to Jesus Christ in the Christianity religion. Gabriel reveals to you about your future giving a clear insight about your awaiting endeavors.

Besides, Gabriel has healing powers where he helps women experiencing difficulties during delivery. He offers them the strength to get through the process successfully. He also helps heal other issues related to feminine sexuality. Typically, angel Gabriel appears to healers in their dreams offering them guidance on how to handle the woman in agony. Therefore, after a healer calls upon Gabriel, he reveals advice to them in their sleep. When Gabriel is around the healer, they will perceive a white light which connects to them. Usually, the healer will feel relieved such as you would feel after resting from a hard task. Gabriel will then directly connect to the divine Source and deliver God’s message to the healers.


Saint Michael is depicted as the most hallowed and powerful among the archangels. His name symbolizes the ‘Power of God’ as he is believed to have steered the battle between the holy angels and the followers of Satan. He is represented in images holding a sword in delineation to the fight with the devil.

Due to his might, he is known to heal painful and ill conditions resulting from fear. Emotional fear causes stress and anxiety eventually instigating physical illnesses. Angelic healers will beseech archangel Michael through a sincere prayer where he grants them access to the Eternal Source. While reciting the prayer, the healer must not forget to include the term Archangel before mentioning his name; otherwise, they may not gain access to his powers.

When Archangel Michael decides to manifest himself, healers will feel a warm presence around them. Some even witness his presence by seeing blue light, while others will use gemstones associated with blue light to experience his powers. Some angelic healers will access these powers through throat chakra believed to link to Archangel Michael. The healer can thence acquire healing reaps which they can share with the specific patient.


Archangel Raphael is known to work hand in hand with angel Michael in providing strength to people who seek out help from him. His name denotes ‘God heals’ which means the provision of spiritual strength. Moreover, Archangel Raphael is specifically sought for healing purposes as he helps in healing both chronic and acute pain. He is believed to be responsible for healing where religions such as Christianity supposes he is the one who used to stir water at the Bethesda, the healing pool.

When conditions of the patient necessitate, angelic healers can seek help from Archangel Raphael. Besides the healer feeling the angel’s presence, he also manifests himself in them. Usually, they will notice a glittering green light when Raphael appears. The sparkling light can either be seen physically with one’s eyes or perceive it in their mind. Raphael will seek power from God and then appear to the angelic healer by way of instincts. He will either provide his energies to the healer or guide them through helping the patient seek for healing directly.


Melahel is one of the most powerful angels, and he is termed as ‘God who deflects evil.’ Melahel deflects evil during and after life, to promote sanctity among dwellers. According to Christianity, he is a member “Choir of Thrones” while Jews believe that Melahel belongs to Aralims and ruled by Archangel Zadkiel.

On the other hand, despite his assistance in casting away evil Melahel possesses healing, and he is known to be the patron of the other healing angels. He intercedes with the angelic healers and doctors to provide them with knowledge on how to tackle a particular patient’s condition. He will reveal the best diet for the patient to the healer, where the latter will advise the patient accordingly.


Rehael is also known as the angel of submission where his name translates “God of Forgiveness.” He provokes thoughtfulness in oneself helping them realize their wrongdoings. Once they become aware and they now understand well, he helps them seek for forgiveness. He instills respect in oneself as he teaches you to embrace humility.

Angel Rehael intervenes into people eventually granting them powers to heal. Those who seek him and are presented with the ability to access him usually become very powerful angelic healers. So, how does he work with such healers? Usually, he will empower the healer such that they have the capabilities to perform a miracle. When angel Rehael intervenes in an angelic healer, they will feel sufficient knowledge and understanding of miracles. Such miracles will include the ability to heal; therefore they can help cure any sickness condition. He will also fill the healer with the capabilities to carefully listen to the patient. His presence will be distinguished through a greenish-blue colored light ray.


Just like angel Rehael, Archangel Zadkiel is termed as the angel of mercy. Other than forgiving people of their transgressions, he also helps people who have issues forgiving themselves. His name translates into ‘Righteousness of God’ and helps in restoring lost compassion in one’s life. He could, therefore, be termed as the angel offering mental healing by eradicating emotional disappointments.

Angelic healers attempting to relieve one from the condition of emotional anxiety will call upon Zadkiel. He intervenes into the healer and guides them through assistance and advice to offer the patient. Whenever Archangel Zadkiel tries to communicate with the healer, he will appear as a purplish light around them. Angelic healers will associate with Zadkiel through Lapis Lazuli crystals. A healer will hold the crystal over the chakra and call for his help; he usually connects them to the divine source for power intercession.


Uriel is the source of wisdom as he is known as the angel of wisdom. His name translates into “God is my Light” since he sparkles light believed to be the light of God’s truth. Christians believe that he is the angel God manifested himself while delivering his promise to King Solomon. Therefore, seeking his help before making a decision will guide to the right choice as well as solve conflicts.

Nonetheless, Archangel Uriel also offers healing assistance to angelic healers who call upon him. A healer asking help from the angel must have an open heart while trying to communicate with him. A ruby light appears when Uriel manifests himself. Some healers use red crystals to entice the angel’s presence. Archangel Uriel has control over electrical power; thus when he appears, electrical appliances and bulbs will flicker. He will then facilitate the healer’s intuition to recognize God’s wisdom.


Ariel is associated with nature thereby known as the angel of nature. He cherishes living organisms in our surroundings providing natural nourishment for better thriving conditions. Ariel achieves that through inspiring human beings to take care of nature fundamentals such as animals, water and plants.

Archangel Ariel is also known for the restoration of health to sick animals and weak or attacked plants. Angelic healers use Angel Prayer Crystals, mostly Rose quartz that vibrates at a constant frequency, to beseech angel Ariel. The angel then intervenes into the healers from where they can declare healing to the sick animal. Archangel Ariel appears as a pink light ray where a healer can hear him whispering to them or communicating intuitively. They can also recite a specific prayer that Ariel can communicate to God.


Lelahel is the angel who possesses the Divine Light which he applies to transform various situations. His name deciphers to ‘Praiseworthy God’ which means that he is responsible for spreading love among his seekers.

The Divine Light held by Lelahel transforms nearly every circumstance including painful conditions. He heals the sick by consequently sharing his divine powers with the angelic healers. Through prayers and consistent meditation, an angelic healer gains control over Lelahel’s powers. The angel appears to the healer as they meditate thereby guiding them on actions to take to offer to heal to the patient. When Lelahel intercedes into the healer, they will feel a power that appears to be capable of controlling everything. The healer will experience a transformation process; thereby they can proclaim an end to a particular condition.


The name Angel Vehuiah translates to ‘Exalting God’ which symbolizes possession of a certain kind of power. It means he can be sought during those times one requires divine intervention while starting a scheme or any new plan. He is believed to provide motivation and enthusiasm to venture into the new scheme.

On the other hand, Vehuiah restores health as well thereby sought by angelic healers to help patients. He offers healing sovereignties to mentally related conditions such as depression and other mental disorders. Angelic healers usually seek for his powers through prayers where they present the conditions of the patient and beg for his revelation. When angel Vehuiah reveals himself, the healer can feel a peaceful atmosphere around them. Other healers will use a rose crystal to assist them in beseeching Vehuiah. He will thence provide peace of mind to the affected person relieving off their depressing situation.


Healing angels are best experienced when sought by capable angelic healers. However, you can call upon them solely through prayers and other divine means of communicating with spiritual beings. To achieve that, you should have pure thoughts and effusively have faith in their existence. Some angels will simply bless you with the feeling of love when you need it most, remember, angels feel, though they are beings of great power, if your words are not exactly correct, an angel can feel what you need as long as you allow it to approach your open heart and show it the grace and presents of your belief and welcoming love.

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